Fall Fashion 2012

Fall Fashion 2012 -Rock this season with our Electric 22 Tips

Winter  2012 offers eclectic fashion choices.Let us share some latest and exciting fashion trends and designer’s choices in this Fall Fashion 2012.

Make yourself chic and stylish with these items.

1- Jersey dresses

2- Skirts inspired by the 80’s

3- Striped cardigan

4- Graphic shirts

5- Navy the color of  fall and winter 2012, try it with black to make yourself  trendy.

6- Leather the popular choice of high end designers will rock Fall Fashion 2012too however with

 shiny and glossy  feel

Ultra sleek and stylish, this single-button blazer looks

great paired with neutral colored jeggings

and military style boots!check it out at Manhattanite.


7-Wear navy blazer with white shirt underneath  for some extra class and style .

8- Black tights to give yo your dress more expensive and stylish look.h

9- Why don’t you try head to toe white this fall?

10- Go for big exaggerated collars for extra oomph

11- Try deep red and purple tops with  metallic jeans

12- Incorporate some textures and bold prints into your outfits

13- Wear Wide Leg Jeans as they  are very  feminine  and they go with everything.

14- Compliment yourself with some pattern tights.

15- Try blouses in nude tones.

16- Skinny jeans are still there and will rock in fall fashion trends too.

17- Thick platform shoes will rock too in FAll Fashion 2012.

18- Handbags with structured lines will add some extra style.

19- Invest in versatile pieces like vests or sweaters, which allow you to change your look.

20- We also recommend satin belts, which can lead to the hair as Banas or wrists like bracelets.

21- As for tips for accessories , we recommend decorating your old bag with a colorful scarf, certainly appear to have a new purse. Renew … If you do not have much money to spend, you can choose to create your own jeans type “designer”. How? Take a look worn old jeans and unfasten some holes. It’s all about imagination.

22- You can also encourage you to add personal touches to your shirts. You can sew some detail in a shirt that does not have any design to make it a more trendy garment.

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kim kardashian Makeup

 kim kardashian Makeup:

Do you want to know about Kim Kardashian makeup routine.Check latest interview of Kim Kardashian Makeup, we hope it takets away your curiosity of what the celebrities use.Enjoy this interview Follow her makeup secrets and tips to make yourself look stunning as she is

Kim Karashian Makeup(Interview with her)

 Kim Kardashian:

1: Start with a clean face. I then apply “photo shoot” first (PREBASIC face) brand Intuit. Intuit is a great company and I love the names of their products. I apply it after my moisturizer, but basically the photo shoot is like a moisturizer but it fills the pores of the face and helps the makeup last longer.

2 : Use Cle De Peau which is a concealer (very expensive, but it works). It comes in two colors, I use Ocre, which is the darker of the  two. I also use MAC concealer (which comes in a botesito) when I run out of Cle de Peau. The color of all is different but I use NW25. I put concealer on dark circles because I hate my dark circles! I also use concealer to cover up any imperfections!

3: After putting on my makeup I wear concealer Liquid Makeup For Ever. I mix the no. 5 with the no.4.Also I have the no.3 for the winter when I’m paler. I mix the makeup to get the perfect color. I mix them with the best brush is the MAC 180,

4: As I hate dark circles, after I apply makeup over dark circles concealer because makeup makes my dark contour oko more. Use a concealer NW30 MAC clearer that container shaped lip that is “moisture cover”.

5: To set the makeup and use a large brush makeup NC30 Select Sheer Pressed Powder. And to see me more tanned powder NW45 MAC

6: Now it’s time flush! I’m obsessed with blush! Use a color called Gingerly to see me again and I tanned more color. And then add a pink called Cheek to give me rosy cheeks. Only just discovered the cream blush and I have found that works better and lasts longer.

7: It’s time your eyes! My favorite part! First apply the MAC paint pot in a color that is the same color of my skin called Painterly. I use my finger and apply it all over the lid. This cream shadow helps me my shadow does not crease. If you wear makeup all day, you will see your shadow begins to fold and oily, but if you use the paint pot will not happen! I love cream shadow and I have many paint pots too! I love the shade of color, but the color depends on the type of shade that I use: If it’s a smoky black I want to do, use the MAC Carbon, If is a bright fresh look, use a named MAC pigemento Tan is beautiful! I love the bright colors for the eyes! I also Fasina brand Make Up For Ever and I think nobody has pigmenten colors as much as theirs. So, it depends on what color to use that day feel, go see those of Makeup For Ever to choose one.

8: Always use black eyeliner pencil. My favorite is Stila.

9:Now mascara, is to complete the look, but I hate when I apply it and ruined my shadows! He used the Lancome Hypnose, and still use, but recently started using the MAC Zoom Lash is amazing! I take my time and apply layer after layer. I like different masks penstañas apply myself, so probably start with the MAC Zoom and then Lancome. Always use a brush to separate the lashes. I will put false eyelashes, so no further use for the photo sessions.

10: The final touch is to apply the lipstick. I usually use lip liner pencil MAC Stripdown (very clearly) and a lipstick called Angel and applied the NARS gloss called turquish Delight. Or for my super matte look, use the NARS Belle De Jour. I also use MAC Subculture liner CelebrityBeautyBuzz.

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kim kardashian Makeup Video Tutorials 

Selena Gomez Makeup

Selena Gomez is known for really beautiful dark smoky eyes,pink cheeks and glossy lips. Selena Gomez uses age appropriate makeup. Come on, not a femme fatale, a teenager is fun and full of life. therefore uses more natural colors. Use some  pale base for your skin ,wear something pink to the cheeks because she likes to have  very rosy cheeks and a little salmon or pink lip. The eye shadows will look great however it works well at night .
Selena Gomez used very dark and strong nail colors. She has been seen with shades of purple, black and very strong blue . These colors contrast with her white skin and look perfect. Sometimes she has been seen with natural colored enamel but only when it is day. In the dark night is best.  Selena Gomez is not interested having long nails rather  they are short, but not too short.

Remember if you want to imitate  her look  first you will have to feel and know her look , because you may want to be like your favorite artist , but if you do not share the same physical characteristics it will not going to work.

Watch these videos to make yourself look like Selena Gomez

Easy to follow diet plan

Easy to follow diet plan for healthy weight loss

Do you want to check your calorie intake and want a diet plan as per your needs ,without losing your will power and dedication. You need to check your eating plans, calorie intake as well as work out routines to lose weight. Most people are following 1200 calories diet to lose weight but it is not recommended .You should create a diet plan which offers you to observe your calorie intake with healthy foods. To maintain a healthy diet plan you should exclude all foods which are fatty, oily, and starchy.

Dieting doesn’t mean to go on starving as it is an assumption of most of the people. Your daily calorie intake should be consisting on your current weight and height. Don’t follow any diet plan blindly because our body needs and structure is also different from others. You should observe calorie intake with healthy meals to lose weight. Let me share with you best diet plan to lose weight in a healthy way.

Breakfast: Do breakfast like a King because break fast is most important meal of the day .Eat energy-boosting, nutritious and tasty foods at breakfast.

1-Take an Apple for fiber, two eggs(egg white only) for protein ,a slice of brown bread for carbohydrates and a cup of ant-oxidant rich green tea and that’s it :)You can take a cup of tea instead of green tea but why don’t you go for heart healthy foods.

2-Take a bowl of oatmeal (cholesterol–lowering fiber), 3 to 4 almonds, one walnut, an apple that’s it. Lunch should be light but healthy. Don’t eat very oily foods at lunch and also avoid carbs.


1- You can eat a bowl of salad . boiled chicken and any fruit like peach or apricot.

2- Lunch 2: Anything cooked in lesser oil . You can eat half chapatti with that or any alternative. Avoid sweet dish in lunch.

Snacks You can eat one sandwich (without mayonnaise) or an apple or 2 wheat biscuits with a cup of tea in snack time.

Dinner Take dinner at 6 or 7 pm or should be taken 4 hours before going to sleep.Also don’t eat most of your calories at dinner because these will turn into fat.

1- Take fish stake or chicken stake at dinner. You can eat a bowl of fresh fruits as an alternative.

2- Eat anything light like fruits, fresh salad, green tea, etc. Workout You have to do 30 minutes workout daily, either any exercise or brisk walk to lose weight. Drink plenty of water, take 2 to 3 cups of green tea  and eat whenever you feel hungry .Don’t skip meals because it will not slow your metabolism and cause weight gain  .It is important to check calorie intake but we cannot play with our health with crash dieting. I hope if you will follow these guidelines, you can easily obtain efficient outcomes and no one will stop you to lose weight.

Yo Yo Dieting

Let us start with the definition of Yo Yo Dieting from Wikipedia

The term “yo-yo dieting” was coined by Kelly D. Brownell at Yale University, in reference to the cyclical up-down motion of a yo-yo. In this process, the dieter is initially successful in the pursuit of weight loss but is unsuccessful in maintaining the loss long-term and begins to gain the weight back. The dieter then seeks to lose the regained weight, and the cycle begins again.

In yo yo dieting we turn our body into starvation mode as we deprive our body from food .We skip meals and consume very few calories in order to lose weight. Yo Yo dieting is also characterized by cyclical pattern of repetitious loss and gain of body weight.

It is very common for people who yo-yo diet, where they are constantly taking off weight and putting it back on again, in an endless emotional roller coaster to end up weighing more than if they had never dieted in the first place.

Why We Gain More Weight Then To Lose In Yo Yo Diet

Yo-yo dieting has a definite affect on food preferences, increasing the craving for fat. Fat is the most concentrated source of calories in the diet, and the body appears to store calories from fat more easily than surplus calories from carbohydrates or protein.

The reason for this is the body begins to change in an effort to maintain energy levels and by doing so stores more fat. It is very natural that when we skip meals, our body increases the craving for fat in order to maintain the energy level so it stores more fat and we gain more weight than to lose.

Less Energy Consumption

This also causes the body to use less energy for all activities even when exercising and as a result it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight and even when you go on a similar diet to one you might have previously achieved some weight loss from it is likely that we won’t be able to lose the same amount of weight the next time around.

 Metabolism Change

People who are constantly on yo-yo diets cause their metabolism to change to an extent where they require a bigger reduction in their calories than a normal person would to maintain their new weight due to the body’s new and reduced demand on energy.

Yo Yo Dieting Is Frustrating

It is very  frustrating and  can be very dangerous for your body. Yo-yo dieting leaves you in worse shape than when you started.Diets don’t work in the long run. [highlight]The researchers from the University of California found that dieting works in the short term, with slimmers losing up to 10 per cent of their weight on any number of diets in the first six months of any regimen. But after this, the weight returns, and often more is added, says their report in the journal American Psychologist.[/highlight]

 The Downside Of Yo Yo Diet

The downside of this happening is that after people go off these particular diets they tend to put on more weight than they were before they started and in doing so it becomes all the more difficult the next time to try and lose their additional weight so if you are the type of person who can’t stick to a particular program for any length of time then you are better not starting at all and just making small steps by reducing portions of food will have better results long-term and will be a lot easier to maintain.

Need to lose weight fast

Need to lose weight fast

Do you really need to lose weight fast?

Each day in the World, million of people say to themselves “Need to lose weight fast.” Are you one of those people? Many people even don’t know exactly how much they are over weight or do they really need to lose weight fast.

If you are obese then you should have to lose weight fast. But the tragedy is most of you even don’t have realization that there is a difference between being overweight and being obese. While different healthcare professionals have different definitions for obese, it is often said that those who are thirty or forty pounds overweight are obese. If you are obese, you shouldn’t only be worried about your appearance, but your health as well. Obesity has been linked to multiple health complications, including the early onset of death.

Don’t be Embarrass when some one say,you need to lose weight

Another one of the many signs that you should lose weight is if you have been told that you need to do so. Whether your physician recommended losing weight or if someone that you know on a personal level has, it is advised that you at least take their suggestions into consideration. Unfortunately, many individuals are embarrassed or become upset when they are told that they need to lose weight.What you need to remember is that the individual mentioning your weight to you likely isn’t as concerned with your appearance as they are with your health.

Small weight gain often leads to more

Another sign that you may want to think about losing weight is if you are finding that your clothes no longer fit you. Of course, it is normal for some individuals to gain weight or to have their weight fluctuate, but you may want to think about joining a weight loss program or developing your own weight loss plan if you find that your clothes no longer fit or are difficult to get into. Unfortunately, many individuals do not just have a small weight gain. Small weight gain often leads to more, which could have a negative impact on your health. It is also important to mention the cost of new clothes, which you may not be able to afford.

Losing weight is fun

If you find many simple tasks or activities, like walking up a flight of stairs, difficult, you may want to think about losing weight. Of course, becoming out of breath from simple activities may not necessarily just be a weight problem, but there is a good chance that it is. When you lose weight, even just a little bit of it, you will likely find it easier to do many of the activities that you love or even the tasks that you need to do, like take your kids to the park.

The above mentioned signs are just a few of the many signs that you may need to lose weight. Should you wish to lose weight, you are advised to proceed with caution. There are a number of weight loss products on the market, like diet pills or exercise equipment, which do not work. To save yourself money and to protect your health, you may want to consider consulting with your physician before starting any weight loss program, even one that you develop yourself.I recommend you to use Jillian Micheal’s weight loss program if you are below 40. It is no doubt a very extensive program focused on your weight loss goals according to your height and weight. I tried it and it is really awesome. If you want to give it a try.

Fast Weight loss

Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables

[highlight]What Makes up a Proper Fast Weight Loss Diet?[/highlight]

A person who wishes to lose weight quickly must ensure that the fast weight loss diet he or she takes consists of a low fat diet, and this primarily includes such things as fruits and vegetables. Also, the diet should be balanced and complete, with the main aim of the fast weight loss diet being to set realistic and attainable weight loss and diet goals.

This means that one has to follow certain guidelines regarding nutrition and low fat diets, and the fast weight loss diet should be an approximately 1300 calorie intake.

Take 4 to 6 small meals and snacks everyday

In order to properly meet these goals, the person wishing to begin a fast weight loss diet should commit to only consuming 4 to 6 small meals and snacks everyday. In order to do this, it may be necessary to pack the food overnight in order to ensure that one always has fresh and low-fat food handy.


Do not rush to food

It simply does not serve any purpose to make the fast weight loss diet too specific, and it is enough to just count the calories. When eating food, do not rush it and it is best to consume the food in a slow manner. As well, remember that having the food ready and on hand will make it easier and quicker for you to eat healthily.

Selection of food

When selecting food, you should remember to make sure that the menu you are choosing includes enough fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, beans, low fat or non-fat dairy products, low fat meats, fish and skinless poultry. It is also necessary to avoid foods that contain high fat content or are high in calories. Even persons with a sweet tooth need to cut down on those sweets, and sugar rich dishes such as pastries, cakes, candy bars, pies, and candy. Finally, one should consume a variety of fruits and vegetables in their nutrition plan, as these are incredibly important and surprisingly enough not consumed enough on a regular basis by most people in the world, and one can make a small beginning in this direction by eating five total vegetable and fruit servings, each and every day.

A sample low fat diet plan that forms a person’s fast weight loss diet could be as follows:


consume a glass of orange juice, a glass of water, one bagel plain and some fruit and/or yogurt on the side. This makes up for including all of the necessary food groups, and will also give you a good energy boost to start your day off with.


You could have some tuna on rye bread, a salad and a green tea, with some strawberries and fruit for dessert. Dinner may consist of three ounces of chicken breast or other white meat, one cup of pasta or corn cooked, and one small salad consisting of tomatoes and onions, for instance. Also don’t forget to include snacks in between all of your meals, as this will keep you from getting hungry throughout the day and therefore you will be less tempted to snack on that candy bar in order to fill you up.


Take it 4 hours before sleep.Avoid starchy and oily foods at dinner. Eat fish stake or chicken stake. I hope this diet will help you in your fast weight loss goal:)


Lose weight Fast(6 easy steps)

Lose weight fast by applying these 6 very easy steps in your lifestyle!

1- build Realistic Goal

Your realistic goal can permit you to lose weight in step with your height and weight ,for instance if your height is five feet and eight inches and you create a goal to urge dream weight of fifty five then it’s impractical. Don’t follow alternative blindly and concentrate to your body wants. You can set a long-term goal however you may conjointly got to set a lot of short term goals where you’re solely trying to lose smaller amounts of weight at intervals a definite time span. As you achieve these short term goals along the approach that may drive you a lot of towards your long-term goal and as you see the little amounts of weight coming back off and the enhancements that it’ll bring with it you may not solely visualize yourself being at an optimum weight however you may also begin to believe that it’s one thing that you simply will finally achieve.

2 Motivation

Motivation is incredibly necessary as most of the individuals surrender at the start. to stay yourself motivated attempt some tasty diet recipes ,write down your daily calories and compare these along with your next day calories. Never miss your weekly appointment with the size despite how you’re thinking that the week went. That gain or loss is also simply the motivation you would like to stay you going consecutive week

3-Be Happy

Take a minimum of half-hour of walk daily. Listen sensible music and do window spree of your dream garments. this can provide you with sense of feat with the actual fact that you simply are creating a positive modification in your life.

4-Don’t surrender after you do not see result

Most of the individuals surrender after they don’t see the results as a result of i do know it’s terribly frustrating however that’s the time after you have to be compelled to build call. you’re on the track and results can thereforeon return so why you surrender when the time of real fruit can come?

5- No a lot of late night eating

Why most of the individuals fail to urge their dream weight? the explanation is as a result of they don’t check their late night eating. no matter you eat late night it’ll grow to be fat. Eat cucumber whenever you are feeling hungry at the hours of darkness , believe me it’ll facilitate to provide some comfort to your cravings .

6- Reward Yourself

You should reward yourself as you achieve goals along the approach when following a weight loss program. it’ll provide you with the motivation to hold on and cause you to feel sensible concerning your body. I am not suggesting that you simply reward yourself with an entire heap of unhealthy food however rather one thing more practical like a replacement piece of clothing within the smaller size that marks a stage in your weight-loss program where you have got created another positive achievement. It is necessary that you simply reward yourself and feel sensible concerning what you have got done as a result of the higher you are feeling concerning yourself the a lot of probably you may be to continue with the program you have got chosen. I hope these terribly simple weight loss tips can assist you to lose weight during a healthy way.

Is Losing Weight Hard?

Is Losing Weight Hard?

Is losing weight hard? I heard so many folks complaining as it is very hard.I know losing weight sometimes become very hard if you developed  bad habits over the period. By bad habits I mean over eating or eating any thing like oily starchy and junk food.

Over eating

Losing weight become sometimes a challenge for many people. If you developed your habit of over eating it will be difficult to start taking lesser calories then what you are taking already. To lose weight and make yourself to do so you should have to use the power of brain. Our mind is on the strongest part of our body as our whole body is getting signals from it. You should have to feed in your brain that over eating is dangerous to your health .I know it is very difficult at the beginning but you can make healthy food choices at first .

Mind Power

If you start a weight loss diet without purpose or don’t have make any goals , you will soon get bored as it is in the back of your mind .So mind power is very important for anything to achieve..For lots of people it is more about what goes on in the mind than what they are putting in to their stomach & you might must deal with these issues first before you have any opportunity to lose weight & get in shape. You can use mind power to get rid of bad habits and prepare it to accept new challenges and lifestyle.As we daily see in newspapers and internet there are many  weight loss success stories  , this all because of their strong mind power. They feed their brain that they have to lose this much of weight and want healthy life[highlight]You can use mind power to get rid of bad habits and prepare it to accept new challenges and lifestyle.As we daily see in newspapers and internet there are many news covering weight loss success stories  , this all because of their strong mind power.[/highlight]style.They do most things in life subconsciously including lovely & bad habits & by turning those bad habits in to positive lifestyle changes your bodyweight wont be something that is constantly the focus of your life. If you lose the power of your brain and make small changes in your life I ma sure no one will stop you to lose weight .

How to start exercise

How to start exercise

For many people who are overweight starting an exercise can be quite difficult. What you need to understand is that you don’t have to immediately start going out for long-distance runs as if you are quite overweight could be dangerous to your health.

Start With Walk

In the beginning of a exercise it is better to start by going for walks . You can’t expect to run before you walk and you will find that once you start taking the steps towards your goal it will become easier and easier.

Exercise, The Fastest Way To Lose Weight

[highlight]Even if you don’t like daily exercise  you need to be aware of the fact that it is one of the fastest ways for you to drop weight and improve your health.[/highlight] Exercise also  speed up your metabolism to lose weight. The more workout you do, the more energetic you will become and this in turn makes it a lot easier for you to achieve your daily activities.

Good For Digestive System

Excercise also helps to flush out toxins in the body and improve your digestive system with increased blood flow throughout the body so even small levels of exertion are going to benefit to some degree. Any physical activity will boost your ability to lose weight considerably as muscle burns fat and any muscle that you can build will help to lower your fat levels. These resistance training type activities also help to increase the strength of your bones that is very important as you age.

30 Minutes A Day At Least

If possible, it is good to have some physical activity each day and at least you should assign time to do a minimum of 30 minutes of walk three times per week. Most people end up enjoying it and make it part of their regular lifestyle.