Easy to follow diet plan

Easy to follow diet plan for healthy weight loss

Do you want to check your calorie intake and want a diet plan as per your needs ,without losing your will power and dedication. You need to check your eating plans, calorie intake as well as work out routines to lose weight. Most people are following 1200 calories diet to lose weight but it is not recommended .You should create a diet plan which offers you to observe your calorie intake with healthy foods. To maintain a healthy diet plan you should exclude all foods which are fatty, oily, and starchy.

Dieting doesn’t mean to go on starving as it is an assumption of most of the people. Your daily calorie intake should be consisting on your current weight and height. Don’t follow any diet plan blindly because our body needs and structure is also different from others. You should observe calorie intake with healthy meals to lose weight. Let me share with you best diet plan to lose weight in a healthy way.

Breakfast: Do breakfast like a King because break fast is most important meal of the day .Eat energy-boosting, nutritious and tasty foods at breakfast.

1-Take an Apple for fiber, two eggs(egg white only) for protein ,a slice of brown bread for carbohydrates and a cup of ant-oxidant rich green tea and that’s it :)You can take a cup of tea instead of green tea but why don’t you go for heart healthy foods.

2-Take a bowl of oatmeal (cholesterol–lowering fiber), 3 to 4 almonds, one walnut, an apple that’s it. Lunch should be light but healthy. Don’t eat very oily foods at lunch and also avoid carbs.


1- You can eat a bowl of salad . boiled chicken and any fruit like peach or apricot.

2- Lunch 2: Anything cooked in lesser oil . You can eat half chapatti with that or any alternative. Avoid sweet dish in lunch.

Snacks You can eat one sandwich (without mayonnaise) or an apple or 2 wheat biscuits with a cup of tea in snack time.

Dinner Take dinner at 6 or 7 pm or should be taken 4 hours before going to sleep.Also don’t eat most of your calories at dinner because these will turn into fat.

1- Take fish stake or chicken stake at dinner. You can eat a bowl of fresh fruits as an alternative.

2- Eat anything light like fruits, fresh salad, green tea, etc. Workout You have to do 30 minutes workout daily, either any exercise or brisk walk to lose weight. Drink plenty of water, take 2 to 3 cups of green tea  and eat whenever you feel hungry .Don’t skip meals because it will not slow your metabolism and cause weight gain  .It is important to check calorie intake but we cannot play with our health with crash dieting. I hope if you will follow these guidelines, you can easily obtain efficient outcomes and no one will stop you to lose weight.

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