How to apply eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner
How to apply eyeliner


Bambi eyes , cat eyes , delineated style myocardial Amy Winehouse …

This season the eyeliner should not miss on your vanity. But do you know how to apply it correctly? Here are some makeup tips .

You can apply eyeliner in different ways, depending on the makeup you want to wear in every occasion. You can accompany it with eyeshadow , a touch of glitter makeup or contrast with a bold lip for a stunning look.

With the help of Make Up For Ever teach you all the steps you need to take your makeup to look good in our gallery Eyeliner ” Eyeliner step “. But before we give you some simple makeup tricks .

Tips for using eyeliner:
– It is very important to decide what will be your makeup style before . From there, decide if your eyeliner will be in color or black classic.
– If you decide to use liquid eyeliner attentive to your pulse, is complicated both eyes are equal. To do this, make a small mark where the corner end in each eye and finish it there. Look great and matched.
– Make up your face before applying the eyeliner , especially the foundation . If you decide to lend gourds powders after the color of eyeliner and it will not be to your liking. Eye make-up at the end.
– Find out about the different types of eyeliner there and choose the one that’s easier to implement. You have the option remains very delicate brush but it is difficult for a bad pulse. You can choose those in which the brush is hard, so that will not tremble. Or for convenience, eyeliner pencil: the most effective (always sharp, clear).


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