How to apply foundation

I noticed many women that they even have superb skin however they applied foundation thus very because it build uneven patches on their face.It makes them ugly rather than stunning.I hope this post can facilitate many women during this regard.
When you apply foundation make sure to shake its bottle well particularly if it is an oil base foundation.
Add slightly of moisturizer to your palm simply a handful of drops will do and mix it with foundation that you simply just conjointly can apply to your palm.
Once this will be well mixed, take more foundation and apply to on all over the face areas like cheeks,nose,chin and forehead by using your fingers or sponge . With sufficient foundation in these areas you’ll begin to sleek it over your face.Always apply foundation on your face in an upward and downward motion.Be sure that you just don’t miss any areas and specially the edges of your nose.
Blend it well where your nose and cheeks meet.Eyebrows and around the jaw line also need special attention when applying foundation.
Make sure that you apply the foundation slightly below the jaw line.When you are finished gently blot your face with a tissue to form certain that there’s no excess oil left on your skin.
A good application of foundation ought to be natural and not like it’s being plastered on.In addition to using the right procedure for applying a foundation you would like to pick a foundation that’s acceptable for your skin type and color.If you can not notice a foundation that mixs well in conjunction with your skin coloring it’d be necessary for you to use 2 foundations and mix them well.As foundation is that the bottom for all of your makeup it’s essential that you just get this step right.
Now succeeding step is you follow these tips and apply even foundation on your face.

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