Skin Care Resolutions That Make a Difference

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Skincare Tips

We always promise ourselves that the next time we will take better care of our bodies whether it’s eating right or exercising, so shouldn’t the same rules apply for the way we care for our skin? At some point in time we need to sit down and have a serious conversation with ourselves. What are some of our worst habits and how do we make sure that we stop falling victim to them for the sake of our skin?

Helping Your Skin Exfoliate

Exfoliation should be a very important part of our skin care routine that often many of us skip. Perhaps we think we don’t need it, don’t have time, or forget and tell ourselves that we will remember next time. When we’re young skin is constantly replenishing itself, but as we grow older, skin needs a little help in the maintenance department. As skin loses the means of being able to regenerate itself, more and more dead skin cells start to sit on the surface clogging pores and leaving you with a dull skin tone. When you exfoliate once or twice a week you are actually helping your skin with the process.

Remove Makeup at Night

Not removing makeup before bedtime is one of the biggest offenses when it comes to skin care routine. Usually we are too tired to bother or we forget. We would probably be more likely to do so if we knew why it was so important. Going to bed with makeup on contributes to bad skin. Makeup traps harmful bacteria and free radicals that skin accumulates throughout the day. Break this bad habit by washing your face as soon as you get home or use a makeup remover. As a backup plan, keep a box of makeup remover wipes on your nightstand. That way if you forget to stop at the bathroom sink, you still get a chance to clean your face when you see those wipes. Do this for the gym as well. After a good gym session, you’ll be sweaty and that can clog pores too. By packing makeup wipes in your gym bag, you can give your skin a little TLC after that intense workout.

Give Yourself a Hand

There are many parts of our body that need just as much care as our face that we usually ignore. Our hands do a lot for us and take their fair share of abuse, so it’s important to take care of them in return. In the winter, our hands are at the mercy of harsh weather. They tend to get dry to the point that they are itchy and crack. During the winter, avoid antibacterial gel hand sanitizers, which are drying. For hands that need extra moisture, keep a thick, nutrient packed moisturizer or a hand cream that you can leave on overnight. In the summer, remember to use sunscreen on your hands, which can get just as much sun damage as your face.

Clean Tools For Clean Skin

When you think about how often you wash your makeup brushes, it’s probably not that often. But if you go too long without cleaning them, all of the bacteria on them end up on your face. If you can remember, you should be cleaning them once a week. To clean them, use a liquid hand soap, baby shampoo, or a product that is designed to clean them. After soaking them in lukewarm water, squeeze out all of the water you can, and set them aside to dry. Not only will your makeup go on better, but your face will stay cleaner, too.

When Not To Use Your Hands

You should pretty much avoid letting your hands touch your face at all times. This bad habit can be so sub-conscious that we don’t even know that we do it. This rule is especially true if you’re acne prone.

Every time you touch your face, you are leaving traces of bacteria, which causes clogged pores. At the very least, if you’re going to touch your face, make sure you wash your hands first.

Learning Patience

The hardest part of taking good care of your skin is wanting to see immediate results when we use products. When we don’t, we often jump to the next product. When we do this, we’re not really giving ourselves that much time to let the product do its job. Give yourself and your product six weeks before determining whether or not you see any results. If it’s been that long and everything still looks the same, it’s okay to trade it for something new.

Moisturize Daily

Moisturizing, especially after a bath or shower, is one of the best things that we can do for our skin. Take this time to really pamper yourself so doing so doesn’t seem like such a chore. When we shower our skin is stripped of healthy oils that need to be replaced. Keep a bottle of moisturizer such as the 212 Sexy Body Lotion on the bathroom sink or your nightstand so it is easy to reach for after cleansing.

With a few resolutions and tactics to remember the small things like moisturize, exfoliate or clean our makeup brushes, we can truly give our skin the right care that it needs to be happy and healthy.

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