Bang Hairstyles for Women with Varied Face Features

Sep 23 2015 Tags: Hairstyles

Bangs Hairstyle

For women out there who wanted to have a new look, why not consider cutting those locks and switching to some refreshing and new hairstyles that are famous? If you have a hard time finding the right length that would cause others to have a second look on you, here are some tips that would surely get you out of trouble.

I will introduce first three amazing facts that bangs can do to you. First, bangs add an innocent effect as well as a speck of a rock star aura to any haircut. And this season is simply the best time to show off those lovely tresses since there would be a slim chance that those tiny strands will fuse to your forehead. Lastly, bangs can add a breezy effect to your look if these bangs match with your face shape.

So girls, consider the following tips on how to look good with your bangs.

Bang Hairstyles for Round shaped face

If you have this face shaped then you need to consider a little degree on top of your head bangs. However, you must not keep them short. Long and side bangs will pull downwards that will eventually make your face appear longer. The most advantageous length for a round face is a shoulder length longer. Don’t worry if you have short hair, because you can always cut them in layers that go away from your face as well as your jaw line. In addition to this, mane like hair will make your face look slimmer, and therefore longer. Long elegant curls and waves are great too.

Bang Hairstyles for Oval shaped Face

Well these are the people that are most envy by many. Why? Because they can have any hairstyle and carry it like its none of anyone’s business! Oval shaped face has the benefit of being balanced. Bangs that are side swept are the most flattering for these people. However, you need to be reminded that bangs should not be too heavy and long since this will conceal too much of your face.

Bang Hairstyles for Square shaped face

These people can keep their hair long and flowing. It can be straight, wavy or curl, it all depends upon you. Flowing hair keeps the spotlight away from your jaw line which is the widest part of your face. If you have short hair, you can keep it curly and well rounded. Plus, you can go with dramatic bangs as this will keep the focus on top of your head. A side swept bangs will surely flatter your face. Remember to gently curve or shrink inwards towards the jaw to soften the distinct square facial lines. It can also help soften all the angles of the face.

For Heart Shaped Face

People who have this face shape are usually wider at the top and narrow in the bottom. Just keep you locks flowing around your face till the jaw line. This will give a slender temple and a delicate chin. A bob cut is also perfect for a heart shaped face. And it all depends on you ultimate goal, bang hairstyles can be selected to either reduce the general width of your face or to help balance the generally prominent chin. A side swept feathered bang style can be also a great choice.

Oblong shaped face

the oblong face is thin and long. A person with an oblong face has a high forehead and a pointy chin. The concept is to make the face appear wider than it is. So you need to volume your hair up. A rounded brow hugging bangs that softly drape over the forehead will help to display the impression of a more oval-shaped face. The oval look can be reinforced by choosing for long or graduated layers that would softly caress the sides of your face.

Therefore, bangs exist to enhance your face shape and in accord with your hair type, quality and condition. So what are you waiting for gals, decide now what face shape do you have and hit the salon. Enjoy your new hairstyle.

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