How To Improve Your Cycling Fitness

Sep 23 2015 Tags: Exercise, Health & Diet

Cycling Tips

Participants in any sport receive a ridiculous amount of fitness tips each year. Magazines, blogs, other riders, and strangers on the street all have their ideas about improving your cycling fitness. Your job is to choose the tips that work for you and that make the time on your Eureka Cycle Sports road bikes or mountain bikes more enjoyable and effective.

Core Strength

Your core is basically everything except your arms and legs, so having a strong one is going to help with all your activities, including cycling. Building a strong core involves working out your abs, obliques, and even neck, so your body has a solid foundation for all the things you put it through. Fitness experts by the thousands have prescribed exercises for acquiring a strong core, and these exercises include simple moves like planks and crunches. You should choose the combination that works best for you but stick to a regular workout plan.

Powerful Glutes

Just cycling on your road bike doesn’t take care of building your outside glutes, which are the outside of your thighs. You need these muscles so that you can drive hard on your mountain bike when tackling those steep climbs. Finding exercises that build this area isn’t difficult but be warned that squats and leg sweeps are going to be part of the glute-building process.

Varied Workouts

Most cyclists have day jobs, so you can’t put in all the cycling time you’d like. When you are on your bike, vary the routes you take and the rate at which you cycle. You may take a long, moderate ride one day, and the next, you’ll push yourself in a ten-mile time trial. After that, you’ll want a less strenuous recovery day or two. You may then choose a steep climb for the next day. Mixing up your route choices and the intensity at which you tackle them really helps your cycling fitness.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy means that you consistently put the right foods into your body. Some cyclists endorse particular diets, but the important thing is to eat right day in and day out, relying on lean protein, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables. Embracing miracle training diets in the few weeks leading up to a big cycling event isn’t going to give you the results you need. A good diet keeps you healthy and builds the strength and endurance you desire.

You don’t have to unlock a secret formula to achieve cycling fitness. Discipline and hard work are the keys to improving your performance.

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