Fall Fashion 2012 - Rock this Season with Our Electric 23 Tips

Sep 30 2015 Tags: Fashion

Fall 2012 offers eclectic fashion choices. Let us share some latest and exciting fashion trends and designer’s choices in this Fall Fashion 2012.

Make yourself chic and stylish with these items.

  1. Jersey dresses
  2. Skirts inspired by the 80′s
  3. Striped cardigan
  4. Graphic shirts
  5. Navy the color of  fall and winter 2012, try it with black to make yourself  trendy.
  6. Leather the popular choice of high end designers will rock Fall Fashion 2012too however with shiny and glossy  feel.
  7. Ultra sleek and stylish single-button blazer looks great paired with neutral colored leggings and military style boots!check it out at Manhattanite
  8.  Wear navy blazer with white shirt underneath  for some extra class and style.
  9. Black tights to give yo your dress more expensive and stylish look.
  10. Why don’t you try head to toe white this fall?
  11. Go for big exaggerated collars for extra oomph
  12. Try deep red and purple tops with  metallic jeans
  13. Incorporate some textures and bold prints into your outfits
  14. Wear Wide Leg Jeans as they  are very  feminine  and they go with everything.
  15. Compliment yourself with some pattern tights.
  16. Try blouses in nude tones.
  17. Skinny jeans are still there and will rock in fall fashion trends too.
  18. Thick platform shoes will rock too in FAll Fashion 2012.
  19. Handbags with structured lines will add some extra style.
  20. Invest in versatile pieces like vests or sweaters, which allow you to change your look.
  21. We also recommend satin belts, which can lead to the hair as Banas or wrists like bracelets.
  22. As for tips for accessories , we recommend decorating your old bag with a colorful scarf, certainly appear to have a new purse. Renew … If you do not have much money to spend, you can choose to create your own jeans type “designer”. How? Take a look worn old jeans and unfasten some holes. It’s all about imagination.
  23. You can also encourage you to add personal touches to your shirts. You can sew some detail in a shirt that does not have any design to make it a more trendy garment.

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