Kim Kardashian Makeup

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Kim Kardashian Makeup
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Do you want to know about Kim Kardashian makeup routine? Check this latest interview of Kim Kardashian Makeup, we hope it take away your curiosity of what the celebrities use. Enjoy this interview and follow her makeup secrets and tips to make yourself look stunning as she is.

 Kim Kardashian:


  1. Start with a clean face. I then apply “photo shoot” first (PREBASIC face) brand Intuit. Intuit is a great company and I love the names of their products. I apply it after my moisturizer, but basically the photo shoot is like a moisturizer but it fills the pores of the face and helps the makeup last longer.
  2. Use Cle De Peau which is a concealer (very expensive, but it works). It comes in two colors, I use Ocre, which is the darker of the  two. I also use MAC concealer (which comes in a botesito) when I run out of Cle de Peau. The color of all is different but I use NW25. I put concealer on dark circles because I hate my dark circles! I also use concealer to cover up any imperfections!
  3. After putting on my makeup I wear concealer Liquid Makeup For Ever. I mix the no. 5 with the no.4. Also I have the no.3 for the winter when I’m paler. I mix the makeup to get the perfect color. I mix them with the best brush and that is the MAC 180.
  4. As I hate dark circles, after I apply makeup over dark circles with a concealer; I use a concealer NW30 MAC
  5. To set the makeup, I use a large brush makeup and NC30 Select Sheer Pressed Powder. And to see me more tanned, I use powder NW45 MAC.
  6. Now it’s time flush! I’m obsessed with blush! Use a color called Gingerly to see me again and I tanned more color. And then add a pink called Cheek to give me rosy cheeks. Only just discovered the cream blush and I have found that works better and lasts longer.
  7. It’s time for the eyes! My favorite part! First apply the MAC paint pot in a color that is the same color of my skin called Painterly. I use my finger and apply it all over the lid. This cream shadow helps the shadow to not crease. If you wear makeup all day, you will see your shadow begins to fold and oily, but if you use the paint pot, that will not happen! I love cream shadow and I have many paint pots too! I love the shade of color, but the color depends on the type of shade that I use: If it’s a smoky black I want to use, use the MAC Carbon, If is a bright fresh look, use a named MAC pigemento Tan is beautiful! I love the bright colors for the eyes! I also Fasina brand Make Up For Ever and I think nobody has pigmented colors as much as theirs. So, it depends on what color to use on that day or what I feel, go see those of Makeup For Ever to choose one.
  8. Always use black eyeliner pencil. My favorite is Stila.
  9. Now, apply mascara to complete the look, but I hate when I apply it and ruin my shadows! I used the Lancome Hypnosis, and still use, but recently started using the MAC Zoom Lash which is amazing! I take my time and apply layer after layer. Always use a brush to separate the lashes. I will put false eyelashes, so no further use for the photo sessions.
  10. The final touch is to apply the lipstick. I usually use lip liner pencil MAC Stripdown (very clearly) and a lipstick called Angel and applied the NARS gloss called turquish Delight. Or for my super matte look, use the NARS Belle De Jour. I also use MAC Subculture liner CelebrityBeautyBuzz.

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